• version 0.3.9

    • added item "User operations" into main menu-File and popup menu in panels. Setting for User operations is in main menu-Preferences

    • added button into speed bars for synchronize panels

    • optimalization for copying deleting and moving files

    • added option for show/hidden panel with command line

    • added option for show/hidden panel with func buttons

    • added setting for cursor

    • added Tray icon

    • added column with extensions to FilePanel

    • added Find Dialog (menu File, Ctrl+F)

    • two disk bars


    • version 0.3.8

    • to the configuration dialog added "Apply" button

    • adjusted fonts setting

    • added visual display of help texts of incompletely displayed file names in panels

    • to the language file added item 431


    • version 0.3.7

    • program adjusted for using UNICODE. Language file must be converted to UNICODE (iconv).

    • copy and move bugs corrected

    • added deleting into trash (F8, Del).Trash button can be added to the bar, trash path can be set in the configuration dialog. Default is ~/.bfcommander/trash.

    • added Drag&Drop operations.

    • added option for inserting selected files from panels into command line in apostrophes.

    • added searching in panels by means of Alt+letter.

    • to the dialog for creating directory inserted option for opening new directory.

    • to the dialog "Change permissions" added option for setting only directories or only files.

    • adjusted mouse selection in the file panels.

    • added option for quick rename of filename below the cursor by means of Shift+F6.

    • added confirm dialog while program is being turned off.

    • added checks for operations running on the background (copy,move,delete) before turning off the program.